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Opening June 1, 2016

Hilton Americas – Headquarter Hotel

Single/Double Occupancy - $222.00
Triple Occupancy - $247.00
Quad Occupancy - $272.00

Hyatt Regency Downtown – shuttle service provided

Single/Double Occupancy - $233.00
Triple Occupancy - $258.00
Quad Occupancy - $283.00

Above rates are not inclusive of applicable fees and taxes.

PLEASE NOTE: Individuals claiming to represent various convention organizations have tried contacting our Exhibitors in the past to "confirm" hotel reservations and ask for full credit card information. If you receive a call like this, DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER! These organizations are not affiliated with the Turbomachinery Laboratory or the Greater Houston Convention & Visitor's Center Housing Bureau.


In order to confirm a room assignment, the hotel will require you to provide a first night's deposit, (refundable up to 72 hours in advance of the guest's first night of arrival). This charge will show up on your first credit card bill after you make your reservations, approximately 30 days prior to the event.

Special Information Regarding Hotels
We ask that you make your reservations at the contract hotels. The Turbomachinery Laboratory has contractual obligations at these hotels. If you make reservations at a hotel outside of the block, the Turbomachinery Laboratory falls short of its obligations and is responsible for paying lost income to the hotels, which in turn means higher registration fees and less benefits for participants. Thank you for your consideration.